30 Min. Reiki

Mon – Sun: 10am- 5pm


Perfect for those who embrace self-care as a lifestyle. This effective energetic reset fits perfectly into any schedule. Great to focus on specific areas of stress. Series available to accommodate weekly and monthly balance. In person or FaceTime. Single Sesh: $85.


60 Min. Reiki

Mon – Sun: 10am- 5pm


Most popular! Awesome to schedule during low or smooth points in your life. Great for stress reduction. Beneficial for ongoing mind, body and emotional wellness. These Reiki sessions always gift deep insights that empower your wholeness. Energy flow feels lighter, similar to the benefits of meditation. Series available. In person or FaceTime. Single Sesh: $125.


90 Min. Reiki

Mon – Sun: 10am-3pm


Super sweet. Dive deep and feel nourished with this Reiki experience. Many choose this as a monthly date for Reconnection to Wellness. Series available. In Person only. Single Sesh: $200.


Reiki Classes

Usui Shiki Ryoho

Upon Request. Quarterly Classes available.

One to Six people per class.


Reiki compliments any life path. It can only be done for the highest good of all and the harm of none.

Reiki One teaches how to protect and support the physical body. One Healing Symbol given and suggested use includes healing food prior consumption and protecting one’s personal, physical energy prior to any important meeting or group setting. *Open to all. Manual, Certificate and Reiki lineage included.

Reiki Level One: $250.

Reiki Two goes beyond the physical to assist the mental and emotional components of wellbeing. Long distant technique also taught. Two Healing Symbols given. *Completion of Reiki One required. Manual and Certificate included.

Reiki Level Two: $400.


Reiki Master Classes

Usui Shiki Ryoho

Upon request Only.


Reiki ART (Advanced Reiki Training).

The Highest Reiki Symbol given and this amplifies all other Symbols. It honors the Soul as the blue print for Purpose and encourages an awareness to help both the Self and others. *Completion of Reiki One and Two Required. No Attunement process taught. Manual and Certificate included.

Reiki ART: $650.

Reiki Master Teacher Training.

Three Master Symbols given. These honor the Soul as the blue print for Purpose and allows one to teach Reiki. The attunement process is taught for Reiki One, Two, ART and Master Teacher. *Completion of Reiki One and Two required. Manual and Certificate included.

Reiki Master Teacher: $900


Karuna Reiki Classes

(Not Universal Fire)

Upon Request Only


Karuna means Compassionate Action. The training and integration from Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki allows this compassion to be brought out to the world. 9 Healing Symbols are given. *This is a Master Level course only. Required completion of Usui Master ART or Usui Master Teachers to take this training.

Karuna Level One and Two (Master Level): 9 Symbols. No Attunement Process given. $650

Karuna Level Three and Four (Master Teacher): 9 Symbols. Attunement Process given. $900.