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Reconnect to Wellness

Reiki Sessions and Certification  

My Reiki Journey

Renowned Los Angeles Reiki Master Teacher, Karen Felice combines a journalistic background with holistic insight to tell a better story. Decades of intuitive practice elevate the self-care experience with kindness, calm, safety and empowerment. These Reiki sessions co-create wellness together. 

Reiki offers stress management

My Reiki Treatments and Classes


Reiki Sessions

Reiki offers clarity and calm to any life path. Benefits feels similar to meditation.

Long Distance Reiki Session

Virtual sessions available via Zoom,

FaceTime and WhatsApp.

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Training

Learn the Reiki principles that bring function, confidence and purpose to healing.


These sessions help me to re-center and ground myself and I always leave feeling better suited to handle the stresses of life. My favorite part of the Reiki is when Karen provides her intuitive insights specifically for me.

Brad W.

I feel so blessed that I was referred to Karen Felice. She has helped open my doors to connect with ME to love ME. I recommend Karen to everyone.


Karen has opened a whole new world for me. She has helped me process, understand and reframe when necessary pivotal time my life. Her energy is always positive and healing and I am so grateful to have her expertise in my life.

Charlene H.

"One must elevate consciousness before healing can begin"

Dr. Mikao Usui

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